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This was on my heart heavy this week. I feel somebody need to hear these words that is in a toxic relationship where it’s putting you and your kids in danger. Plead the Blood of Jesus on your body, soul and spirit to get full protective covering. God let them know their burdens are yours and your peace is theirs.

Only you can break that cycle of foolishness and all the toxic behavior. You have the power to give your babies a choice and break that cycle. I know it’s hard but take one day at a time. Trust me you will rebound along as you stay determined and seek help. There will be low days but it will get better. Just stay prayed up.

Then once you travel that road and strong enough. You will refuse to give yourself back to the person that broke you.

Love don’t hurt, loving the wrong person does. I repeat love don’t hurt, loving the wrong fool does. There’s nothing you can do to please someone who will never appreciate you.

Sorry this is long but on my heart is heavy. Remember women are strong individuals. 
Challenge yourself you’ll be surprise. 
Peace and God got you. Just ask for help and guidance. ❤️ Don’t know you but love you. 
We are all sisters!!!!!!!

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