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This is my first post here but I am seriously at my wits end right now with my 11yr old daughter. Her dad and I have been divorced for over 9 years now, and off and on we do still have arguments. He is now working on divorce #2. This past weekend he left our 11 year old home alone, our 10 year old at a mutual friends’ house, along with his 4 yr old with his second wife. Sunday morning she had found out that their 4yr old was never picked up, tho my 10 year old and our friends’ 10 year old ended up coming to my house due to the fact that there was just too many kids there. I talk to my 11 yr old Sunday morning when my ex starts screaming at me thru the phone calling me a bitch, a whore and a lying psycho bitch, accusing me of calling and telling his ex about the location of the 4 yr old . Now my 11 year old is at my house this week, acting out, talking back, and I grounded her for her attitude and not doing her chores . She’s telling me she hates me, hopes I die, talking back to my current husband, and is refusing to give me the password to her phone ...and with a smile on her face. I do not know what to do!!! I cannot win. If I let her go to her dads he’s not going to punish her but instead reward her bad behavior. I’ve texted him to ask for the password to the phone of course he’s ignoring me. Can someone please give me some advice on how to handle? At this point I’ve told her she’s grounded for the rest of the week. No phone. No friends. No sports. Nothing.

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