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I need some serious advice... I'm just at a loss. 
I have a relative who is very close with my 7 year old daughter. Her & her husband have been heavily involved in her life since she was a newborn & we lived with them for the first 3 years of her life. Her husband drinks a lot, so they're constantly in "family" bars (like Bdubs, Hooters, etc...) with her when they have her.. which is fine except he's always drunk & so are the people who sit with them 99% of the time & when they aren't in the bars, they're at their house with her letting her have whatever she wants & always spoiling her to the point it's affecting her moods. She comes home entitled, usually with unnecessary gifts or candy from this person & threatening to call them whenever she gets in trouble. When she goes to their house, if she's gotten any kind of discipline, she's "snitching" on us for it to this person & I get questioned about it over text or when I pick her up as if it's their business or I'm supposed to just let her do whatever with no consequences. She has her around drunks & arguments between her & her husband all the time, but if I so much as scold her for bad behavior I'm "abusing" her. My relationship with this person has been strained for years, but in the last year I've just been so over it. She's controlling, manipulative, refuses to admit when she's wrong, ALWAYS plays the victim & now I feel as if my child is at an age where she's having a negative influence on her as well as on my overall mentality. I want to sever the relationship altogether, but idk how to do that when my daughter loves her & her husband so much. I know it will hurt her. She sees them every Tuesday & Friday & spends part of the weekend with them at least once a month. Even my SO is annoyed by the passive aggressive comments she makes & how she's always in our business. We got a letter from one of her teachers last week saying she seems to be "used to having her way" & it reflects in her behavior in class... She does not get her way at home (if undeserved or unreasonable) & we are actually pretty strict with her, so I know this behavior is being learned from time with them. We even notice her behavior differences when she gets home from being there vs having been home for a couple of days since her last visit. I'm worried her education & overall being in the future could be compromised by their influence... but if you let them tell it, I'm the horrible influence  the mind games are ridiculous. I'm 23. I own my own house & my own car, have a good job, I don't do drugs... yet somehow she always has a disapproving comment to make about my life. She's extremely passive aggressive & resentful it seems. It's just taking a huge toll on me these days & I don't want that to be my daughter's future too. It's seriously been mentally exhausting for me all these years & I'm at my breaking point. My SO says that if she can't have a healthy relationship with them there should be no relationship at all; same goes for me & them... which I agree with. 
I don't know what to do. Please help. I just need advice on how to handle the whole situation.

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Hello, I would just like to offer you a word of advice, if I may. Sounds to me as though, it would not be healthy, to just elimainate the relationship,that your Daughter has with your friends, but you being over the behaviors that you feel are not proper for her to be around. With all due respect may I suggest, that you perhaps, inch by inch , take away some of the time they spend together slowly, but surely.!