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What do you think is going to happen if you keep resisting and judge the world through your same thoughts, choices, actions, behaviors, feeling and emotions?

You will get more of the same kinds of experiences that led you to live your life in stress to begin with. Try something different, allow yourself to experiment for a bit by staying fully in the flow of life and see for yourself what happens — you can always go back to your old self, but I suspect that you will not!

So how do you practice non-resistance?

Make peace with the fact that life will often not turn out the way you want.

Accept that sometimes things happen at the worst possible times, but it’s ok because the new you won’t let it steal your joy.

Don’t cry over spilled milk. What has happened has happened. Let it go and don’t waste your health on things that cannot be changed. Focus on what you have learned from it and avoid making the same mistake next time.

The only thing you can control is how you are going to react to the things that happen to you – you can choose to suffer or you can choose to find the gifts and lessons in them.
The how, why and when are not up to you. Let the flow of life surprise you!

Accept that life is as it is. It is neither good or bad, right or wrong. Life isn’t vindictive and it’s not out to get you. Understanding this will really help you get out of the victim mentality. So accept and make the best with what you are being given. I am not saying that this will work each time, but it will help you reduce your suffering.

When things that you perceive are negative, remind yourself that the situation could always be worse. If you learn to think this way, you will develop the wisdom and strength to live your life from an empowered place.

All that is for you, will find you. So don’t stress. Enjoy the journey.

The fastest way to getting what you want in life is to not need it. When we view our world from a place of need and lack, our tendency is to want to manipulate and force the outcome. When we don’t need it, we remain open to unknown possibilities that are presented when you learn to accept life for what it is.

This simple, but powerful principle has transformed my life. Does it work each time? No. I sometimes forget to stay in the flow, but as soon as I feel stress or anxious – that’s my cue that I am not in the flow, I am not in the moment and I quickly readjust my views and expectations.

When we remove our expectations for the outcome, we make room for the Universe to do her job. Living with less stress and disappointment is in your hands. Embrace this principle and watch your life transform.

With Gratitude,
Waleuska Lazo

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