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Ok so, i know theres a lot of older woman in the group so im hoping for some sort of input because I really don't want to go to the doctor unless I'm for sure not just letting my head mess with me because I tend to be a hypochondriac ‍♀️ any way, for the last May be 2 months I've been getting weird feelings in my legs... my calves habe been feeling almost like there's pressure in them and super tingly constantly .... recently they've been feeling really weak like I can't even lift my own body unless I push myself and then I'm fine once I'm up... when I eat anything my heart starts racing and then I feel weak....constantly have dry mouth and like a metallic taste in my mouth... the ONLY reason I haven't went to the doctor yet is because I have had an anxiety panic disorder for the last 6 years and everytime I go in they tell me it's anxiety and it's just a waste of time  but everytime I look my symptoms up on Google a while bunch if diabetes stuff pops up... does this sound like diabetes? I've also been losing alot weight in the last couple months I've dropped about 35 lbs but i havent been dieting or anything so I'm concerned about that too... I'm only 29... sorry for such a long post  delete if it's not allowed but I just really need some insight feom other women's perspectives ....

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With the pressure and tingling I would say go get it checked. The weight loss is a concern also if you have not made any lifestyle changes. Go get these things checked out please.