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When I was very ill I figured it would be best to just give up and call it a night, let the nature do it's work. I would never ever commit one, but one was handed to me on silver plate to just accept. Letting go like that is as much suicidal as actively working for one. But this is the sentence that came to my mind when I was almost done. I didn't want to die. I wanted to live. I just didn't want the life as it was. So I went to hospital, underwent surgeries and hell of recuperating but my will was renewed and I was adamant I will cut the BS out of my life. My life is never-ending work of progress. I'm never-ending work of progress. I'm successful, each day a little more and I love life and it's mysteries. If you are about to give up on your life or thinking about ending it by your own hand, please pause and think really, really hard about it, think of that sentence bellow. Think!

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