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My story:
A few months ago my child father an boyfriend of 6yrs broke up with me. He chose to tell the child about the break up alone and up till this day the child blaims me. I am unemployed and trying to finish my degree. The child goes to school from by him and i have the child on weekend. He does not allow the child to contact me when the child is by him and if i dont message him to find out how the child is doing he does not inform me. I try to communicate with him to tell him we need to come together an work in the best interest of the child but he is adamant he will do his part and i do mine.

Yesterday i had a meeting at the child's school and the child teacher said the child is not the same active child and hardly participates in class, acts violently when someone say something to the child and play alone.

The child is hurting and i suggest counselling but the father said i am not taking his child to no counselling. He states the child is happy and fine and does not express nothing but happiness with him. However when the child comes by me i hear all the stories and get all the angry outburst. I don't know what else to do, can someone please advise me accordingly?

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