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I feel horrible and that I ruined my friends vacation time. Let me explain, my friend and I just got done with our long college career and just recently graduated. She wanted to go on a vacation but felt that she had no one to go with. I was already going to visit my parents in another state and decided to invite her with as I thought it would be fun. There are other weird things that went on between us before the trip that I cant explain like her giving me weird facial expressions when I was asking a question but not responding to me but her other friends said that she has known longer said that she randomly does that with no explanation.

Well I forgot as an introvert that this is the first time I have done something like this where I was with some for multiple days in a row with full responsibility to entertain them. I have been on past trips but with 2 to 3 other people and both of those trips I was not responsible for the agenda and there were periods where the other people went off and I was solo and could recharge. By the 2nd day of being with my friend non stop I felt like I was drowning and suffocating. But as I was the only one with a car or knew the area and while this friend says she is an introvert she definitely feels the desire to be constantly around someone and have for as long as I have known her so idk how much of an introvert she really is. I found myself unintentionally pulling away from her trying to recharge and get a break. It didn't help that the weather had damped some of my plans for us that would have been longer trips and probably would have been more enjoyable for her. One morning she was upset with me as I didn't wake her when I got up but it was 5:30am and I wanted some alone time and I didn't know what in would do to entertain someone at that hour. I know realize my grave error of traveling solo with someone as an introvert especially with someone who constantly wants you to be with them. But I feel so bad as I could tell while it has literally only been a few days that she is not happy with me and it is very apparent on her face and even my parents have picked up on her facial expressions. I was going to apologize last night about the trip and explain essentially what I wrote in this post about my type of introversion but it looked like she was already asleep so I let her be. I feel like I wasted her time. We went to this amazing gardens and I was so quiet during it. Not on purpose but I felt so drained that I couldn't think of anything to say. What would you guys say?

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