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This is my daughter who I helped leave an abusive relationship to head west and find her future. Just after she decided she didn’t want children as she was about to accept a position at the university of Hawaii to pursue a doctorate she met a handsome man who swept her off her feet to an inhospitable (to her) environment in Northern California violated her (her words for not pulling out) and she became pregnant after knowing him 4 months at age 33. She had a miserable depressed pregnancy, delivery and still into this third year post partum. She’s pushed away from me, her friends and other family members all to please her man. To calm his separation anxiety insecurities the big fire captain that he is! He’s missed so much work due to this that and the other thing but for the most part to keep my daughter by his side. We all see the signs, she brought up he met more criteria of an abusive partner than the guy she left to head west! Yet this continues. She’s carving out some time for herself to write blogs (good money) trying to find new friends (apparently old one long distance once’s just don’t understand her). He has a lot to do with what friends. I have hopefully temporarily lost a daughter definitely haven’t gained a son! He’s had two step mothers and came from bad divorce with father who was extremely controlling of his mother kidnapped him once during custody issues. It’s so painful to see this unfold I’m glad my daughter has enough strength to make it one day at a time and I pray she comes back around to her family. She did start therapy  he picked out the counselor she was so full of praise for him doing so “she’s the one who needs the help the most” per her words and she is right 

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