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Yesterday my fiancée (I am in a same sex relationship) came home with her boss and the psychiatrist they work with. Long story short, my gf's former manager (left in february for being blackmailing a "client"), has being abusing her emotionally and sexual harassing her until one day he wasn't letting her out the office and  the only option he gave her was to put her mouth in his dick.

As she tells how it happens, she literally said "it was mouth or vagina" and it was only 2 seconds. Which made me realise that she clearly didn't see other choices, eventhough they were. 

I am absolutely in shock and destroyed that she had to go through that.

I feel ashamed of this but I also cannot understand why she didn't talk earlier. A part of me understands, because he groomed her (taking her face and make her look in the mirror saying how useless she was, making comments that she is the one provoking him...) since she arrived to the job and it escalate (she did talked about the sexual comments she was getting but refused to report him).

She is also reluctant to go to the police (yesterday her boss and the psychiatrist report the sexual assault). She is terrified that the man comes to our house or something (it sees that he also said something about a threesome and when my gf told him no way he said he then will enter the home and have a duo with me). A part of me NEEDS her to report him and the police to get involved for real. 

I am heartbroken, angry and disgusted. I hate that she didn't feel like talking earlier and I don't know how to make those feelings go. I feel like an awful person and I'm angry and crying every 15 minutes.

Should I push for her to go to the police or let her avoid it?

How do I stop feeling "dissapointment" about her not coming earlier or confront him differently? We have a very strong relationship and we talk about everything, I just cannot understand it!

I know she is the victim and I know my rage is against him, but how do I get over and carry on with my life?

Thanks in advance

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