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Need help ASAP. Long story, so I’ll just cut to the chase. If you have questions ask. My daughter is being sworn into the Navy tomorrow. I assumed my boyfriend was invited. We live together and have been on and off for 3 yrs. he’s met her on a few occasions as she doesn’t live all that close. And most of the time when I do things with her it’s me and her. 
He Dad also has a girlfriend who he has been with for 2 yrs. they live together and my daughter does see them more often. 
Well I was just informed that Dave is not invite to the ceremony or the dinner after. 
So I asked if Melony, her Dad’s girlfriend, was invited. She said yes she is part of my life. Dave is not. I responded that he can’t become part of your life if you don’t allow it. 
She says Melony is part of her life cuz she paid for some of her school without having to be ask. 
I feel that is rude and disrespectful. Which is an issue I have had with my daughter for sometime. Her dad is a narcissist and she has a lot of his traits. We were married till she went off to school and then I left. I could take it any longer. 
Advice please!!!!

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