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Hey y’all, I’m overwhelmed at the words, love and encouragement I’ve received by a group of ladies I’ve never met❤️ These past days have been life changing...to say the least. Each day is so damn hard, good, cruel, kind, up and down, in and out, ugly, beautiful and many more adjectives. Some that don’t exist. I’ve never felt heartbreak even close to this. 

I’m proud to be Halens mom...he picked me! He picked me because I’m Grateful, understanding, non judgmental, STRONG, beautiful, smart, funny and he knows I LOVE him and it’s real. I’m real. Having Halen Storm was a privilege , a gift, a lesson and an experience. I will stand STRONG and not question what is supposed to be. 

Halen is alive and well, happy. I LOVE and KNOW that he’s happy...in that I can be Grateful and bring hope to those that need it. Halen knee he was on earth to help people. He’s beautiful smile in front of his pain touched so many and will continue to do so as my purpose is to make sure of that. Ladies, love yourself. Be grateful. Be kind. Be aware. Be open minded. Don’t judge. Don’t let anyone let you be anything but magical. Get up and make a difference. If I can’t do it... you can. Don’t live in the past. You can’t change it. It will lead you to depression. Don’t fret the future. It’s not here yet. 

It will lead to anxiety. Live for the moment. This moment. Live. 90% of the time it’s ok. Life happens. This life I live this life I love❤️ My Halen is a writer, these are some of his words. My Imperfections Make Me Human. Our Imperfections Make Us Who We Are. I’m Not Perfect, Sometimes I Fall Down. ❤️ I’m human...I will miss my beautiful child beyond explanation. I will cry. I WILL grieve. It’s ok not to be ok. I’m not ok but I’m ok. Thank each and every one of you STRONG ladies to take the time to reach out. Means more than you know❤️

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