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Here it goes! My daughter has been an attic for years. I finally talked her into going to the mission. She loved it. Became sober for a year. She came to stay with me after and got a job and was going to school. She is about to be 26 next month and has a son whom she doesn't live with. Never wanted me to help her get him back felt like she wasn't good enough for him cause we don't have money.was doing great but she slowly started getting back in her old ways. Drinking having a slip here and there with meth or pills. I took away the car and then she started sneaking around. Anyway my point is she has moved out and is staying with a ex step mom. Where all the troubles began. I have decided not to be a part of her life anymore and I feel like I'm losing my love for her. So, I would text things on her wall because she wants to call this other person ma. Kinda hurts for your child to call another person mom. It really took the cake when she posted on my wall for mother's day "I love how we don't have to say a word and we both know I'm your favorite" like really???? Was that a joke? I'm not understanding her ways so I just started saying things on all her post. So, now she blocked me. I'm just wondering if it would be heartless of me to put her out my life completely. I hate being hurt and this is all she does to me.

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