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I have nothing left to lose. I do mean nothing. 
I have been officially and literally bankrupted because of 2 deplorable people. 2 people are voluntarily destroying EVERYTHING I have. I am going to lose EVERYTHING when file for bankruptcy. The next 7 years of my life is literally destoyed. SEVEN YEARS. They took away away my kids future. They took away how I am supposed to pay bills and insurance deductible. I'm selling my property just so I can afford to keep my kids. Sell my property so the creditors can get some of their money back. .
They refused to pay 9000 that is rightfully owed to me for loans and wages. So I should be ahead not behind 9000. I had all my debt paid off. ALL of it. I can't believe this is happening me. You do find out how others care about humans. 
So I won't be able to get my son a student loans (-sorry Andrew ). I won't have the money for his college visits or his applications. My daughter may not join swim team. See didn't make cheer or softball. Swimming is her passion. I have to disappoint her again. I won't be able to buy a house in the next 3-5 years so forgot my escape from Ohio and starting a new life. Forget buying a car and hope I can keep the one I have.
And my business is done. They took my Christmas-birthday gift. A desktop to run my business out of. 
So as of now no more WILDFLOUR CUPCAKES. I have no capital because of how much I donate. In fact I have donated 1000x more then I could even think of selling. Cause that's who I am. A single mother, 2 kids, no job, on disability claiming bankruptcy and hoping the stresss doesn't give me a raging infection and kill me. Though right now... I would welcome it. Why not? Who the fuck really cares about people. Selfish. cheaper not to keep her. Am I right? What does it even matter. I don't want to be part of the human race when all you have is cruelty and dissapointment. 
I don't even feel human. How could someone be this cruel. They had help from other people who lied to the cops. There is a Place in hell for good Christian woman like they pretend to be. Oh and it's All a civil matter. 
I have nothing. No trust. No dignity. No soul. At least I'm still sober. They can't take that away from me. 
And this is a very important PSA. I don't want anyone to experience this. I lost everything because of two detestable people. As far as putting your life on out there on Facebook? I no longer care. I no longer give a shit. I no longer will ask anyone for anything. Really you 2... BURN SLOWLY LIKE A ROASTED PIG.

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