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I was diagnosed two weeks ago with stage IV Ovarian Cancer. I am mentally well as I have loving supportive family and friends. I just can’t express enough if you know something is wrong with you, and every doctor tells you that your blood work and urinalysis shows nothing wrong, don’t stop there. Continue to fight for yourself as we as woman know our bodies more than anyone, and if you know something is not right- Fight with everything within you until you have the answers you need. I was told my gallbladder was bad and eventually would need to come out. I was having symptoms that didn’t even fall under a typical gallbladder system but was repeatedly told it was my gallbladder. The pain was so intense that they performed an emergency surgery to take out my gallbladder. During surgery, surgeon discovered that I had abdominal, ovarian and liver cancer. Pap smears will not always detect ovarian cancer where my cancer started. Just be diligent, demanding and determined as your life could be dependent upon it!

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