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Ok ladies, this is a long post but I need opinions!! I am 34, and been separated and fighting for my divorce since 2016. Long story as to why my husband is fighting it, but anyways....

I have two daughters, 6 and 2, so dating has been difficult... honestly anything that involves the opposite sex has been difficult. Back in March, I moved from VA to KY and since I didn’t know anyone, I decided to try POF and Tinder just to see what was out there. Well, met a few different guys on both but actually met one from POF face to face and it was horrible. Within 5 minutes, he was already trying to get in my pants. After I left him, he literally sent messages for a week talking about how he felt a connection with me and all this stuff. Kinda freaked me out a little bit so I quit talking to him. 

Then I met a guy on Tinder. Keep in mind that everyone refers to tinder as the hookup site. We talk every single day for a couple weeks, exchange selfies, and then finally he asked me out. This guy seems super sweet and super cute. Well, we go on our date and it was fun but I’m a little shy so it was at times awkward. After I left, I thanked him for dinner again and explained to him that it had been a long time since I had been out with a man who wasn’t my husband and apologized or being weird. He said that he completely understood and that maybe we could go out again. So, these past few weeks, I’ve been going to his house and hanging out with him because he works crazy hours and I know he’s tired. During this time, he always comes over to the couch and lays in my lap rubbing my legs, arms, one time my cheek, a boob, and a few times he rubbed up on the downstairs (lol). Nothing serious. This goes on a couple times but yet it abruptly stops. No kiss. Nothing. Just stops. 

So I asked him what was going on and he said that he doesn’t make moves like that. Sad part is, I don’t either. Well, every weekend since we’ve been talking, he has gotten his son except for this past weekend. I didnt have my girls either, so we decided to go out for dinner Saturday evening after he got off work. When we were making the plans, he mentioned that since Sunday was Mother’s Day, maybe he could make me breakfast and then we could go get lunch. Just to make sure I was completely understanding, I asked if that meant I was staying over and he said if I wanted to. Of course I chose to stay. Saturday we go out for dinner and it was a good time. After dinner, we go pick up his truck and I have to drive his car home. We go back to his place and he falls asleep while watching a movie. I woke him up and asked him if he wanted to go get in the bed. He went to get in the bed and I went to change. 

When I went into the bedroom, he was asleep cuddled up to a pillow. So, I got in bed and went to sleep myself. Sunday morning, we were laying there and he moved the two pillows between us and cuddled up to me. Well he started rubbing on me and grabbing some boob and I could feel him on the booty. Obviously, I started moving the booty on him. All of the sudden, he stops and rolls over talking about his back was hurting. I rub his back for a few minutes and then he jumped out of the bed and went to make breakfast. We spent the rest of the day watching movies and he would rub my arm and hand. Before I left, I drove his car to the shop to have some work done and he took me back to his place to get my car. 

When I left though, everything was fine I thought (forget the fact that it’s now been almost two months and not even as much as a kiss). He didn’t really talk to me after I left. Normally I’ll get a good morning text or a text telling me that he’s on break... this morning, I got nothing. So I sent him a good morning text. When he finally replied, he was kinda short with the replies so I asked if he was mad at me. He told me he was good and to leave it at that. I was upset and told him that I hoped he had a good rest of his day and all he said was you too. Well, he had offered to give me a couch because me and a friend are moving into a bigger place and he doesn’t need it. I asked him about it today and he said that he would bring it to me. 

He also asked me to do something for him and I told him that I would do it (something to do with his vehicle). So, I met him and he followed me to the new house with the furniture. We packed it in and I showed him around the house. I asked him what it was that he needed me to do and he said that he would let me know because he had to talk to the guy. I said something about him being mean just joking around and he said he didn’t have time for all that, meaning me running my mouth. We said bye and I haven’t spoke to him since. What the hell is up?? I need opinions on what you think is going on and what I should do.... please!!

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