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You become & achieve what you believe:

I once read the story of how baby elephants are trained and conditioned at the circus. When an elephant is small and weak, the trainer ties one leg with a rope to a wooden stake. Initially, the elephant tries to break free, but the rope is too strong and the elephant after a few tries is convinced that breaking free is impossible. Years later when the same elephant grows up to six times her size, despite her enormous strength, the elephant is still easily constrained by a light rope and thin wooden stake. The elephant learned her limitations when she was small and now remains convinced for the rest of her life that what once was true, will always be true. The elephant remains imprisoned by her own limiting beliefs when clearly she has the strength to pull the stake on the ground and free herself any moment she wishes.

We are often like that Elephant. What conditioning have you gone through early in your childhood that has made you believe you can’t break free from the rope? You are stronger than you think. You have more strength than you’ll ever need and you have all the power of the universe inherent in you to help you become and achieve whatever you desire. All you need to do is believe you can.

Your unconscious beliefs carry with them a powerful vibration that is stronger than any of your desires. So be aware of your limiting beliefs because the universe reflects back to you —NOT what you ‘want’ but what you believe.

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