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My thoughts.. Ladies... we ARE all strong in our own right. This page is here for us to be strong for others where they are weak and vice versa. Pay it forward and return in kind.. I know you have heard of the Golden Rule, it is universal.

Not one of us has walked a day in another's shoes.. each of us have our own, unique experiences that we learn and grow from.

Some have a harder time than others, and that's ok.

The issue I see is that ladies are getting frustrated because not everyone is rainbows and sunshine with stories of victory and strength.. They perhaps cannot see that coming here and just talking about it is indeed a sign of strength within itself.

On the other hand, there are ladies who come here not really seeking help or advice and tend to become defensive are argue when it is given by those whom simply seek to help.

So we have an impasse and than those stuck in the middle.

What I do know, is that we can only change ourselves, individually... we cannot make others change... we can simply lead by example and hope they notice that there are better ways to go about life.

Patience is a virtue. Laws of attraction are real.

If you choose to wallow in your own misery, despite others reaching out to help you, that may be why we are seeing so many leave this page.. it can start to feel hopeless to the ones trying to help..

So I ask simply that everyone consider, when coming here for advice, to vent and what have you... be open to those whom would reach out and give you unconditional support.. try to broaden your perspective and see that we have ladies here of all ages and from all walks of life, here to help pick eachother up and give eachother strength.

If you choose not to see that, that is your choice.

I'm not here to preach.. just sharing what I've observed. I am here because I believe in woman and the inner fortitude we are forged with by the fires we walk through in this life.

I believe that I learn something new every day from at least one of us here.. and my hope is that through whatever I do share, might be just what someone else needed to hear that day..

Don't give up on eachother. Try to give the best advice you can, based on your truth... and realize that each of us has our own truths as well.


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