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I see so many women on here that have major problem with their relationship. I have struggled also with bad ones, but got myself out, and started over.

 I now have the most amazing man in my life. I really didn't think men like him existed anymore. I'm treated like I've never been before. It took me awhile to get used to being treated so well in a relationship. Yes, we have our problems, no relationship is perfect, but we work on them. We sit down and talk things out. 

No arguing, no shouting, no name calling. We talk, we communicate. He helps with everything around the house. He does all the laundry, I do most of the cooking. He helps with it though, until I run him out of kitchen. LOL He can cook well. He cleans, goes grocery shopping, takes care of our vehicles. I had total knee replacement, and he was amazing through it all. I'm amazed he didn't kill me the two weeks after surgery. LOL He makes me feel special and beautiful. He makes me feel wanted. 

I never, ever considered being married, till him. We are now engaged, we will be married next summer. I feel blessed and thank God that he brought us together. I just wanted to post something positive. If I survived, and found happiness and love, anyone can. Like the site we are in, we are STRONG WOMEN!!!

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congratulations my friend!!! You deserve to be treated like the queen you are!

May God bless you always!!