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Hello beautiful ladies! My name is Zoe, and I normally don’t write on posts or don’t really open up to people until I really get to know them but I really need help and I hope one of you strong women out there will help a fellow sister. Please take the time to read this

So I broke up with my bf about two weeks ago due to many things like like abandoning my little rescue dog outside in the cold after adopting him for a week and taking his name tag, collar and sweater off of him while I was at work and also him being an alcoholic and putting his hands on me and lying to me, reading my dairies, going to one of his girlfriends house whenever we had an argument and calling women in my room when he wanted to hurt me and calling me the B word and N word(he wasn’t black) a slut and trying to control me on everything I did. He wouldn’t want me to get any piercings and I had to wear clothes that covered every part of my skin or not let me go out with friends and just wanted me all to himself. He would always accuse me of cheating on him which wasn’t true im not a cheater and will never be one. I was his first and real relationship and he was very insecure about EVERYTHING. He forced me to do things that I didn’t want to do. I supported him in everyway possible and he never supported me and would always be little me about my age because he was 11 years older than me and I was 20 when we started dating and thought that I was a baby and not capable to understand “adult” things. I was more of an adult than he was I’ve been taking care of myself since I was 13 and making my own money and surviving. He blamed me for his drinking and I tried changing for him but that didn’t make him happy nothing made him happy and I have broken up with him before many times but I always find my way back to him because 1) I have a very caring heart and treated him very well and 2)he would tell me he changed and got sober and a better person and he would be good for like 1 week and then go back to his old ways. I’m a very strong woman and have my opinions and im a cut to the chase type of person I don’t really sugar coat things and he didn’t like having me as a strong person I honestly was the man in the relationship I was the one always providing. When we first got to together he was living in his car and had a DUI device in his car and no job and no money and I helped him get back on his two foot by providing a home for him and a really good job but he lost that job because he liked drinking more than going to work. Despite all that I still helped him find another good job and I did all the paperwork for him. Now my ex is threatening to hurt me and my dog, so I’m trying to move to Arizona and start fresh and move on because if I stay where I am I’m going to go back to him and I don’t want that. If anyone of you ladies live out there I’m asking if you have the kindness of your heart to let me stay with you until I get my own place. I am hoping some good karma would return back to me. I have been praying and staying strong in my faith and in God that everything’s going to work out well despite everything that I’ve went through and have been going through. I have some job offers out there in AZ but don’t have the money to get an apartment because I used my savings on my ex and he said he’d pay me back but I’ve yet to see a cent from him and don’t have any family out there and my fam right don’t want to help me. My ex has left me broke, broken and hurt and a lot of tears to shed. God bless you all beautiful honest and brave and strong women out there. Please dm me if you can help me. Thanks for your time!

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