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Having a really hard time. A little back story is that I am still in an abusive relationship. I have been married for 10 years. He's done things I can't even post on here because they are just awful. About a year ago he put me on tinder to have multiple ppl join us in bed and I wasn't OK with that. I kept lying that no one was interested or replied but then one day I saw someone that made me click on him. He was everything I loved in a person. We talked for days and I fell hard. But in my marriage it's very hard to get away I've tried before. I wanted to be smart and not left with nothing and 3 kids. This guy said he understood my issues and supported me. Called me strong and stood by me. We've been together for almost a year and in that time I've made so much progress.. my husband agreed to fixing up the house and selling it to split the costs. I've been trying to find a new house and get away but it doesn't happen over night. My boyfriend finally put that we were in a relationship and his friends and family don't agree with it saying he's settling and to know his worth. It broke my heart to see that online and I broke down. Now he feels different when we talk and I don't understand why. We are going to talk this morning and I'm terrified I gave my heart to someone willing to give it back so easy. I never meant to met him especially while married but he knows everything that's going on and has since he courted me. He knows I'm leaving but it's not easy when my husband will beat me up for the smallest things and I have to be careful. I'm trying to get everything done as quick as I can but it feels pushed now and he's going to break it off now. What do it do. Just except it and let him move on while I'm trying to be free...

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