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So yesterday my girls and I were out and about and I stopped for gas. I get out and talk to the gas jockey. The whole while I could just feel someone staring at me (you know that feeling!). I turn around slowly and there’s this tall, dark and gorgeous man with the most BEAUTIFUL EYES just looking right at my soul!! I walk by him and he just smiling, an I’m thinking..what are you looking at? Do I have toilet paper hanging out of my pants? I must look rough!! All kinds of things going through my mind!! I go in wait in line to pay for the gas. I come out and he’s still standing there, looking right at me an says “Hi, it sure is a beautiful day to be out and about!” And I say “ it sure is!!” And keep walking towards my car...he then asks me what my name was, so I told him. He says “that’s a beautiful name!” I jumped in my car and drove off!!
What did I do!!!? Should I have continued the conversation!!?? Now I’m just wondering...WHAT IF!!! I hate that!!!

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