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I just got my controlling bf gone im got tored of him runnung me down for going to church..i just lost a baby boy that was his feb 6 2019 at 31 weeks prego.dude didnt show up at hospital he ran me down online and has denied my son i took him back gave hima. Month to act right n do his public apology he did nothing but play his game...million excuses for everything he dont have his fb passwords ..he was 40 years old taking from a mither of 4.. he says im soul less because i dont want a man who just takes n takes .. when we met a year ago he told me he his own business.. then because of me he lost it all his partner supposely turned on him .. lol he made me so down. But now im so full of life.. i wanted my quiet back my bedroom back.. what 40 year old man posts up in a women of 4 childrens bedroom n just sits there playing a game n shared personal pics of me.. then calls me a whore.. i helped him get medicaid card got him a job found a 500.00 2 bedroom trailer for him n his brother..yet im souless..he believes saying the words i love you is actual love....but question he has a ps4 and is sharing private pics of me ..what do i do to stop this ..local police are agianst me ..but dude brother a meth dealer..so mayne they will help me with this..im not a nark .. but dude when me n him met he one who had a real life barbie doll for a women he lied to me said these 15 qomen was just good froends later i found out was his exs.. one was in abusive relationship.. he beat her man up.. yet comes at me attemoted to strangle me in front of my kids. Like hiw twisted.. hes like a psychopath..sociopath..lies to everyone n makes me bad..its crazy .. any advice welcome..

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