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Been feeling a little down..some internal issues with coinfidence and anxiety I suffer from.last year my ex boyfriend dumped me out of the blue..I lived with him for awhile and we slept in the same bed. When his girlfriend was in rehab he said we would get a bigger trailer and he cuddled me. I had hope that we would get back together. Then bam she got out of rehab and that was it..he left for three weeks and then moved her in while I was still living with him. I had to deal with him and her in the bed we slept in. And had to hear him tell her he loved her.horrible heartache.he then had me evicted. I moved into a room..now I live in a townhouse and just went through the cna program and graduated.i will be making good money but have days where I beg him back.he has messaged me asking for money he was on vacation and messaged me for money and sent a heart. Why does everyone's ex want them back but mine..probably if I would of left first and he didn't have a girlfriend who is a train wreck. She shot herself in the head once. Wrecked her car. Isn't working and has had foot surgery but yet I'm.jealous ugh

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