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I feel so lucky. The man i am with is so amazing to me. My last relationship fucked me up so bad emotionally and mentally that i have trust issues, insecurities, I question things.. My ex chrated on me off n on for 2 yrs and was narcasistic and manipulative. He secluded me to make me feel like i couldnt rely on anyone but him. And my man now is helping me through all of these issues. I never feel like i have to beg him for attention and to love me. I dont feel so alone all the time. Yesterday I had a bad moment and he told me im not gonna scare him away. And I didnt realize how much tension I had had all day until he said that. 
Ladies, I am strong. Everyone has moments or days where they arent though and you just need someone to be there for you. I am so lucky that i have him. Im currently in washington for a wedding and he's in phx but every morning he messages me good morning and that he misses me and hopes i have a good day because he works all day long and cant get to his phone most of the time and is exhausted once he gets home so he usually falls asleep immediately. But he takes the time in the morning to show me he cares about me. And it honeestly means so much to me. 
I feel so special and lucky to have him in my life.

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