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I need some advice. Me and my husband got married almost 5 years ago. For about 2 years now I havent been happy. Honestly we got married because I was pregnant and I didnt have insurance or anything. We didnt know each other and we wasnt in love. I did fall in love with him once our child was born. Then when our child was 2 I felt I didnt love him anymore and wanted out. Well I ended up pregnant with our second child who is now 15 months old. So I put a smile on and continued to be a loving wife and mother. But these thoughts that I shouldn't be here wont go away. That's theres something better in life for me. Not saying my husband isnt a great man. Hes an amazing father and provider. He works 60 to 80 hours a week for our family and I stay home with the kids. I feel so selfish that I feel this way! I always talk myself out of leaving telling myself that it's okay everything will work out. But then I think what if we are together forever and these feeling never leave and I'm with a man that I shouldnt have been with my whole life. I just told him I wanted to take a break and see if this is what I really want since we rushed into everything. And he told me no. If I want to leave then we will get a divorce. I really dont want to break him but I feel like I'm broken if I stay.

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