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So I may be overthinking this but I know I’m definitely not. What if the person one was dating made a offensive comment about another race? So that exact thing happened and I called him out on it cause I hate racism no matter what race it is I love equally. Then he insulted me and talked down on my religious beliefs as to make his beliefs superior (mind you I don’t judge) clearly he missed that part in the Bible but then Said the Bible wasn’t real  Not once have I ever disrespected his beliefs. But I tried understanding his beliefs! Then said his race was superior to even my race but then proceeded to say he never said that but I have all the messages. Like honestly I’m so livid then he’s mad that I called him a racist. What the hell do you call someone that talks down on a race any race? I told him it was over!!! I cannot fkn deal w that shit. I’m just shocked cause God calls us to love one another and I don’t see how he thinks I’m wrong. Hell no!!! I stand for what I believe in. I’ve come to far to ever settle this is a example of that.

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