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Just be yourself they say....

How do you be yourself when you think you don’t even know who that is?

It’s like your entire life you were always trying to be someone else, and do what your environment said was the right thing to do.

But now as you look in the mirror and ask “who am I” can you truly answer that question?

Can you say something other then your a mom, a wife, teacher etc? 
Can you look into your soul and see exactly who you are?

Finding who you truly are my friends is a journey...a journey that can take you down several different roads, and may even take you into some dark places.

BUT there is hope, all those places that you have been have got you to where you are now. And if you are truly looking for the answer of who you are and truly want to be your true self you will find answer ......it just takes time, so don’t ever stop looking! ❤️ #leadwithkindness

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