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I am so very proud of myself! 5 years ago I lost my mom (my best friend) to cancer. My husband wanted a divorce and I had 3 young children. Bad credit, no savings and hadn't worked in 15 years (proud housewife).... and the list goes on! He left. And now my whole world is crumbling! After funeral expenses and pulling the house out of foreclosure, I had $2,500.00 in cash and $1,800 a month in household bills! 
I purchased a used minivan and started a school van/babysitting service. I and my boys were up and out at 5:30am picking up and dropping off children to 3 different schools. And we were out until 6 PM doing the same. While they were in school I had a newborn and a toddler that I babysat for neighbors during the day. Homework and meals were in the minivan most evenings.
I paid my bills and managed to save for a larger van. It took two years and a lot of hard work but I saved my money and got a license to become a process server. From there I met a woman who owned her own P.I. firm and was willing to train me. Now today, just 3 years later, I am a full time investigator making over $75k a year as of 2018! 
I sat down and wrote this because my oldest and I were talking about his future and he said, "Mom, I really miss Nana! She would be so happy with the way you've fixed up the house and everything! I'm proud of you and my friends even say that you always smiling and look so happy. Good job, Mom!" I asked him why he said that and he said "Because you need to hear it sometimes. You always tell me when I'm doing a good job."
I can't stop crying, y'all! 
I am tired, I have bust my ass but I am one HAPPY and PROUD mama bear!

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