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Being a good woman is something we all practice everyday. Just like a relationship it's hard work. Being a bitch is easy! But being better than you were yesterday takes devotion to loving yourself first in order to give love! Some of us are still learning to love ourselves I think I was finally in my 40's when I truly could look in the mirror and say damn it's time to love yourself everyday from this day forward. We all have had our troubles with love and abuse but what's most important is putting yourself first you have to make yourself a priority with that you're a happier person and happy people give off good energy! It's certainly easier taking care of your family when you are pleased with who you are and who you've become! We range from so many ages in this group I'm 52! I really didn't begin my life or shall I say took it back until I turned 50! That's was the Best year of my life and the older i get the better I am as a person!! Drop a photo below and tell me your age!! Remember no matter how old you are or what difficulties you have we women need to stick together and for you beautiful young bloods us more experienced women are here to help you and guide you because 99% of us walked your journey before and if we can lead you down a different road than we might have taken know that our opinion is just from our own heartbreaks and losses. #stringwomen#sisterhood

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