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So I have a question ladies. Ive been with this man for a month now. Ive known him for 4 years though. Hes seen me lose everything and get back on my feet several times.. My question is is I just lost everything again (by choice. If you saw my last post on here youd know). But I really want to push myself to start working once i get a job after i come back fron a wedding in waahington and i really want to get my own place and do things on my own for a while. Realistically i know it'll take me a year if not 2 to do it on my own ans im very determined to do so.. If my man ever decides to ask me to move in with him would it be bad of me to tell him no with the explanation of i want to do this on my own before hand? I feel like in a sense its selfish but ive been wanting to do this for a long while and I feel he might take it the wrong way.

Also, if I decide to go against what i wanna do and move in with him would it be bad to ask for my own room? He has a 4 bed place with 2 roomies that are a couple so theres room for me to have my own room. I like my own space and decorating my space my way.

Any advice/suggestions/comments would be helpful.

I really adore this man and im trying not to screw it up cz he's giving me a second chance here. But I dont want to let this second chance hold me back from being me.

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