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Ok I have posted in some time but I'm gonna be real. I just found out last night my husbands has had a secret relationship since couple years before I can into the picture. He was seeing a man before me so later when I first found out about sexual relationship w this man my immediate response was I was the wife I was the first one. Hell no turns out I was never number anything but a toy. Something pretty to hold onto his arm for the public because he would rather live his life as make believe from hell. I just have so much hate. I told if he knew what was best then he needed to give me space to process this whole thing to where I can least look at him w angry n not want to black his eye. I will never be fooled again. Why should I have sympathy for him when he faked everything just to seem what he seen as normal. If u are connected to someone should not matter if your both the same sex. Why go threw all the cover ups. I'm posting cause I needed to vent I alrdy know I definitely have the right to feel how i feel. I mainly wanted to vent cause yes I did found out he cheated over the summer but there was a path to we past it to where we remained together. Well that same person just knowing I was put technically last really pisses me off . I've never ever felt anger like this. How can people live with em self that they're ok with cheating cover up shit? Karma knows all.

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