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Hey ladies. Hope all is well with everyone. Its been a tough year. In '18 I lost my grandmother and 2 uncles but I'm not gonna focus on the negative aspect of it. Through them passing I have became stronger. My granny was like my mother. She raised fed clothed housed me when she didn't have to but I thank God for her everyday. As I I watched her take her last breath a weird sense of peace filled that er room. Yea of course I miss her but I wouldn't wish her back for anything. I'm really big on numbers and at least 2 to 3 times a week its like little things of the universe speak to me reminding me she's still with me. Recently I found out her and my granddad(who passed b4 I was born) was married on my birthday Nov. 5th 37 years b4 I was thought of. I know this may not mean anything to anyone but it gives me comfort daily. I hit a bad spot after she passed but now I'm better and working 2 jobs. Long story short cherish your elders. Living and those that have passed. Listen to those stories. Give them a phone call even if it's just 5 mins. Give them flowers and presents while they're still breathing. It's the little things that mean the most to them. My granny knew I loved her and I knew she loved me. And the very last words we spoke to one another. Ladies be blessed. Keep striving even if you have to crawl. YOU'RE STRONG LOVED AND WORTHY!!!

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