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Need to vent.

So found out someone I care very much about might have cancer. They have 3 lumps on one of their kidneys. One of which looks to be pre cancer. As of this afternoon they have a 75% chance of having cancer. This person is also diabetic (and other health problems) and has an unrelated surgery on the 5th and the kidney surgery on the 16th. I'm worried the surgery on the 5th might make things more complicated and/or worse. Since they do have a fairly high chance that they have cancer (although currently looks like nothing has spread and its early detection if its cancer) and they are diabetic I'm extremely concerned.

I have mental illnesses and I'm not taking the news well but am being strong for the other people in my life that this effects. I live with my father and partner and all evening they keep hounding me with "are you okay. You dont sound okay." Etc etc etc. I just don't want to talk to anyone about my feelings about it. I just want to stay busy and hope everything will be okay

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