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I've had 1 thing on my mind today and that's something my partner said to a couple of friends yesterday... he proposed to be a year ago and having basic chit chat and it got onto subject of marriage. our friend said him and his missus prob wont get married now as they already been together 18 years and got 2 kids. they have agreed to spend money on other things....another in group said she is divorced and she would never marry again as it waste of money...... my partner then agreed, saying he doesn't want to marry again it's a waste and no point. (he been married before....I havent) I put my point across and said every one has own choices and reasons but i would like to marry one day as i want to get that all eyes on me chance. and have that father daughter dance. ect.......
so basically what I'm getting at is. even though he has proposed and we are engaged. I feel that's how it's going to stay as feel he has no intention of getting married. feel like I'm wasting time as both want different things. 

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