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I really hate to be a Negative Nancy but I've been in this group for one day and I've already read about 30 stories of women leaving their cheating husbands and needing approval of some sort from this group to do it. As a woman and a 12-year relationship that started up and down I do have to say going to social media for advice probably would have ended our relationship and you're one. That's person with five it you have to communicate and compromise with each other love yourself. We are not in your shoes or in your relationship the opinion of another will never be in your favor. Typically a person singing You Down and Out gives them a feeling of being better off than you so you will not get advice to work it out get counseling go on a date you will get advice to leave sneak out via free don't give him respect your dignity. It's just my opinion that social media is not the place to go for advice on marital issues. I on the other hand cannot relate to any of these issues because he has never cheated disrespected hit me lied to me or even stayed out late. That is because I have great respect and dignity for myself if you get with someone and they treat you like that from day one that's what you get because that's what you settled for. I'm sure I'll get a lot of hate messages for this so I'll go ahead and leave this group now. You are all worth more than you are giving yourself. Your children are watching you. They will be you and love men that you love. If you cannot do it for yourself at least do it for your children.

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