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So, seeing so much negative lately. I figured I would shine some light. My mom died when i was 4. My dad did 20 years in prison. I was raised by my amazing grandfather. Well, he died and I found him. I became weak. I started drinking then started doing coke then pain pills then meth. I would get pregnant get sober then relapse.

 I did this with my oldest my first set of twins my son and mt second set. I seen life as "everyone is better off without me" I was lost. I blamed God. Even hated him. I was on various forms of birthcontrol with all my pregnancies. I didnt understand. I was consumed in self pitty. Then, I lost my kids, my husband went to prison. I hit rock bottom and I hit it hard. Rock bottom is exactly where I found myself. What makes me strong is how I overcame. I have all of my kids back except my last twins. Their dad does fabulous with them. 

I am however maintaining a healthy relationship with them and him. I am over 2 years sober. I have a house, car, I get to stay at home and raise my babies. I am now blessed. What makes me strong is I no longer wish I was with my grandpa. I now wish to make him proud as he watches me. I found my strength and peace in God. I accepted Jesus and my world changed. 

I am not pushing my faith. I am just saying complete strength you need to have some sort of faith. With Faith comes hope. I am ready to see more posts on what makes YOU strong. Build each other up. Dont tear each other down. We all have a story what we do with that story is what matters.

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