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Ok, I am STRONG. I survived an emotionally abusive marriage to a narcissistic sociopath. Divorced 4 years come April. I managed to find work again after being a stay at home Mom. Avoided the bankruptcy he threatened me he would cause. Back in Dec I finally 'won' a two year long battle for back child support that he appealed in January, then in Feb his contract job ended (he makes a six figure income) and now he's unemployed and trying to get out of paying anything to raise them or cover their insurance! Just got a letter from his legal counsel I will apparently be receiving his large tax refund as the IRS sent it to the child support agency! Woot woot!!! This Sunday would have been our wedding anniversary- the 17th had we stayed married! Years past since our divorce he does something nasty on our former wedding anniversary like banging on my door after midnight and I call the police and he's gone...well this year I won concert tickets to see Justin Timberlake and I am going with my new boyfriend who I have been dating for two months...ready for a new chapter!

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Girl!  You got it going on!