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I'm pretty much positive that the consensus of everyone who comments their opinion will be what I already know... I heard my fiancee's phone had a text message and asked him who it was, he said I don't know it's on the charger in the bedroom. So I check the text it's business related and then I look through his contacts, he was in the living room playing his PS4 and when be realized that I was still in the bedroom he quickly ran from the front of the house to the back where our master bedroom is and was like What the fuck are you looking at on my phone?? 

I said just looking at your contacts and he snatched his phone outta my hand so fast and instantly went on the defensive and said, How dare I ever look at his phone and started a huge fight about it! It shouldn't matter if I'm on his phone or if he's on mine! I will gladly let him look through my phone at any time because I've got nothing to hide. 

Is his behavior that of a man who's hiding something or things behind my back or is he just being an asshole and weird???

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well yeah. Period. f that. Ex-fiance. Know your worth.