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Hi I've been with my boyfriend for the last 20 years... I have 2 kids for him and never took care of My self. I ended up getting fat. He let me do whatever on my own etc cause inwasnt the one to cheat or bother another. Well he cheated on me many times i was pregnant and took off for days who knows where he went. Anyways fast forward 3 years I decided to take care of me and lose weight. I ended up losing over 95 pounds, got me a tummy tuck and started loving my self. Well for the last 6 months I am called a whore, ugly, a stupid bitch every 2 or 3 days. 

When I go somewhere by myself and come home. I have been depressed about all this and it has drove me to drinking so much latley because I don't do anything. I don't call him names or bother him ... not only that back in April I caught him doing meth and busted him at the strip club alone and also at the porn shop jacking off at one of them self pay rooms u can watch porn in. Porn has been an issue since we both got together and I honestly hate it. Well last night I had to leave at 12 midnight because my brother wife is pregnant and needed to get to ER asap for pain.. I told him and I was told go see my boyfriend. I left and I dropped her off at ER and couldn't stay due to being harassed thru text messaging . 

I went home. I come home and get called all them names and was told to leave out of my own home that doesn't have his name on. And we argue a bit and he tells me he fucking hates me. Like wth.... I'm trying and loving him and all this man is doing is making me low and just wanna disappear . 

He wants me off FB , wants to see my phone and wants to be with me everywhere I go. Like damn.... all this change when I lost weight.... He has been the only man in my life, spoils me, never hit me but times now he throws stuff at me or pushes me. A few time he almost hit me but never did It. He has a drinking problem. And it sucks. I tell him to leave but he won't.

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