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A strong woman is you. Where we seek the answers we need to better our lives, for our family and the world. A strong woman is you.. Where when we feel unmotivated we get out of bed and deal with whatever life has ahead. We face ourselves in mirror and convince ourselves that we are beautiful and we need to because beauty is really in the eye of the beholder. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL you have to see it you have to believe it. 

Say it outloud . but you're more than just a pretty face you're so smart but never give yourself credit. Never. Never feel worth a damn but here you are reaching out to strangers to tell your story. If you are not the only woman in a realtionship leave that person girl he's a puto straight up. If they are doin you wrong leave. If you need help we're here. 

Whatever is going on you do have the strength to change your life. It's okay to feel and express those feeling . practice to not dwell on negative feelings. Say 3 things about you that are kind and elaborate on them. Not just oh i have a good heart, that's marvelous but why is it true. It's okay to tell yourself you're fabulous and its okay to be aware when you are having a weak moment. 

We need to be moving constant as a distraction when arent being kind to ourselves. And though We are strong that doesn't mean we need to bash men. Not all men are assholes and nobody's perfect but those who want better in their lives can do so if they put their best foot forward that's what were doing here.

Hello my name is Yvamari a.k.a Yvie I'm 26 yrs old (libra, hey girl hey!) married for 2 yrs been together for 4 years and have a son who will be 2 in May. We live in Texas in the surrounding area of Austin. My life is such a blessing it brings tears of joy to my eyes because i know what i have survived All thru my younger years. Domestic violence manipulation and being controlled and lied to etc. Yeah i can say alot about that aweful time in my life. And it sucks when seeing memes about your ex bc no i wouldn't help him lol tho i am a humanitarian. 

I was afraid to move to on but i tried and i tried and fools do rush in. With my husband we started off as friends and that makes all the difference. I hope you know you have a friend in me. And that you deserve to be on your pedalstool . not just because beauty but because who you are as a good person. Who are are on the inside. You're worth a damn. And you're loved and you are not alone. God bless y'all, chest out and chin up. You got this.

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