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Wondering do I attract crazy or make crazy? Thinking through relationships, which aren’t many, these men have gone nuts after we broke up. 

Husband is 20 yrs, said he was going to jump off a cliff (called from a early morning hike telling me life insurance is in order and he’ll make it look like an accident), stole my Jeep, dressed in costume, so I wouldn’t know it’s him, when I went out line dancing (never cheated or gave him reason to believe I was cheating. Just took line dancing lesions with some girl friends) All this at the end of our marriage. I still left and he did crazier things. 

Current on and off BF, thought I’d have to get a restraining order against him, many crazy things and multiple times his family have called for welfare checks on him. Only when we break up. He’d makes up lies to come to my house so he could “check on me”, literally throw things around in the house when I wasn’t home, so I’d come home to chairs upside down, food all over he kitchen, broken appliances.::: all cuz I went out with friends and called him letting him know I was our with girl friends. And OMG should see what he text. Last boyfriend,one before me and the prior one got back together, called me a narcissist and selfish and drama then a few hours later he said he wants to be friends and if I want more he’d be waiting. 

I thought this behavior was supposed to come from women. 
I’ve been dumped a few times. I just walk away. Never have done these crazy things.
So do I attract crazy? Or make crazy? Need to know, cuz I handle this two different ways. Tired of men drama. Don’t want this in a relationship again!

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