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The only thing I ever see on here is about failed relationships so I thought I would post about mine not to brag or make myself feel or look lucky but to let everyone know there is someone out there for you....I have had some relationships that should have killed me to make a long story short I was done with love I had been beat cheated on lied to you name it I been thru pretty much all there is to encounter in a relationship I was over it I was going to live single the rest of my life....but almost 9 years ago I met my husband now and even tho we have had our share of ups and downs I know he is my soul mate we love each other thru it all and no matter how hard times get we know we have each other's back..so for those who don't feel like they will ever find love, first learn to love yourself spend time loving you and love will find you stop looking for it....I couldn't ask for a better husband he loves me no secrets, no lies, no cheating, no abuse he is truely amazing and I thank God everyday for him...don't give up someone will come along and love you the way you deserve to be loved 

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