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Hey Ladies! Hope you are all enjoying your Saturday. I been in this group for a few months now. I haven't spoke much. But I am noticing things that are being done ex: The post being made about.. ppl saying they want to leave the group bc of women posting their relationship problems or calling other women weak. and/or isn't this suppose to be a strong women group?

May I state without any drama... yes this is a strong women group! I believe every women in here is strong in some or many ways but we all have a breaking point or get to a point were we need advice, support, help, or a shoulder to lean on or a place to vent. 

Some of us are single Moms, business owner's, gone through and came out of situations and circumstances, may still be going through something, or in the process of coming out of it. Many other thing's. As strong women we should be uplifting each other and if we disagree just bypass. 
Far as relationships are marriages go I know how ppl say just leave him. But sometimes it's not as easy. You may be to in love to walk away and need time. 

Somethings are easier said then done and you're never know Some one situation until you are actual in it. I'm not encouraging it in anyway for a woman to stay and trust believe some situations in some relationships I disapproval of like domestic violence. 
As women I believe we all been through getting our heart broken, hurt, betrayal by someone we love whether lover, friend or family member. We can all relate. We survived and got through it and that makes us strong women. 

Some women also maybe secretly crying out for help and this maybe the safest place they have and the criticism maybe discouraging them or Some one else to post here. 
I'm sorry for this long post! I just felt I should put it out here. Be blessed and much love strong women!!!

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