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I was born in a country where birthing a male to perpetuate the family's name is considered divine. I married young to an only son and expectations were high...After my first daughter was born, my in laws were so not happy, the next year we tried again ...another girl. I was cursed, shunned and rejected .Nobody talked to me and they didn't show any affection to my innocent girls. Everybody wished my husband remarried but he didn't, in fact he couldn't because financially we were struggling . Years went by, both my in laws died, my husband followed later. I took up a job, educated my girls . We then migrated to North America, one is a financial analyst, the other works as a research analyst in a prestigious university. They are in their thirties,travel a lot, and are very happy.However they do have boyfriends and I am not pushing them to marry or procreate. I cut off people connected to my past and I absolutely have no regrets. If I didn't leave my native country, I would have been pressurized to marry them off because there people still have archaic beliefs....and unmarried single women, widows, are looked down upon...also they are attacked, raped and forced into submission 
. However I still read the news online and things are changing. Educated self sufficient women are outnumbering males, so there is hope.......

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