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I joined this group because I thought it was supposed to be a place where woman could come together to support one another, to lift each other up, to understand other women and learn from each other,, to relate, to grow together, a place where we could be ourselves. All I've seen since I've joined is grown ass women personally attacking each other and judging each other for their difference in opinions, their stories, or their selfies etc. Calling people names because you don't agree with them on one little post or calling other women attention whores for posting selfies.. Doesn't this group want us to love ourselves and be proud of who we are? Certain restrictions may apply I guess... We have to keep our guard up with our thoughts, comments, and posts because somebody somewhere for whatever reason is going to degrade you personally and publicly for it.. Yesterday I read a sad and desperate post for support by a woman that had trouble spelling and she was made fun of for it. She was talking about killing herself but her spell check or lack thereof was top priority. Since when did it become a thing to intensionally go out of your way to ruin someone's day? We're better then this.. We should be anyways. Some of you can be so ruthless and I don't understand how thats become something to be proud of. It's a matter of speaking your peace and moving on, Or silently roll your eyes and ignore the post. We all became entitled at some point and ran with it. You don't have to call someone a dumbass and question their entire education because you refuse to see anything from anyone else's perspective but your own. Tell my why you disagree with me and what your thoughts are on it. This can be done without being a dick ladies. Be open minded and try to understand or even relate. We have a lot more in common then we think but we choose to only see our differences. We're all so bitter and pissed off because the world refuses to understand us yet none of us are willing to understand each other. There was once such a thing called constructive criticism. Let's bring it back! I really hope people can comment and express their opinions like respectful adults on this, like ladies. Stay Calm and Stay Classy. ❤️

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