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Hello. I have been through alot during my life. From being mentally and physically abused by two men and family members. Been made fun of due to my scoliosis in school and being picked on because of my horrible studdering issues. I have ADHD, PTSD, Scoliosis, Asthma, and Social Mutism. I have awful memory loss and insomnia. When I do get sleep I have constant nightmares. I've blocked myself from anything negative to keep me in "good spirits". Sometimes I feel like killing myself is the only answer to get away from my thoughts but my family means the world to me and that would only cause more pain for them then anything. I have also seen things no other person who would want too and refuse to drive due to this issue. I always hid my pain behind my smiles and funny jokes, always bottled up my emotions, would only ever speak to a few people. People knew me as a funny, smart, and all around happy girl growing up but never knew what was going on behind closed doors. I've never touched a drug in my life and never will. Doctors try to put me on medications but I REFUSE because I HAVE SEEN WHAT DRUGS HAVE DONE TO MY LOVED ONES. I have a Service Dog who helps me cope with everyday life and performs life saving tasks to mitigate my disabilities. Alerts me to oncoming panic attacks, alerts me to take my inhaler, alerts me to oncoming migraines, wakes me up during my nightmares, picks up items for me that I drop, and many other important tasks. I am glad that I have him. I have lost many friends due to having a Service Dog but oh well I suppose. I am in a wonderful relationship with a man that helps me out as much as he possibly can. I am happy and feel best being alone with my small family. I was always pushed by family members to MAKE FRIENDS when I just wanted to be alone with my animals. I never come out like this anymore.. I feel comfortable talking by text more then I do talking in person. Stay strong, your life is worth living. I suffer everyday but try my best to cope with it all. I am here for anyone suffering like me. I have a VERY big heart and care for others sometimes more then myself.

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Wow you are so inspiring for not giving up. It's ok to have thoughts of suicide. We aren't here to be perfect. We are here to feel all emotions. Don't ever feel weak for feeling that. You are very inspiring and I relate to you so much. I go through all those emotions but what makes us strong  is we keep trying. That's amazing how your dog  can detect migraines and other thing's. How is that possible?