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Hey ladies, I think I need little advice. I think I know what to do, wait what will happen, but anyway. Is it good idea? I met man, we don't know each other very well, I can say we don't know each other. We usually just change smile to each other and say few words. I never felt it before, but I have feeling like he touches my soul with every smile and eye contact. We are not kids and it is not chemistry, I feel it like something spiritually. And I think he feels it too. But he is married. Don't know much about him, just saw ring on his finger. I don't know if you believe in destiny, but I believe everything has the reason, and also why we meet people. I was not searching for relationship and I really don't know to explain it to myself, but when we saw each other first time, he was always on my mind, even we met just for a minute in work. And his picture in my head is very clear, i never had such a clear picture of anyone in my mind. Not even person I just saw for not note than one minute. What to do? I think I should wait, cause he is married and he must know what he wants. But I also don't want to break their relationship. But also can't get him out of my head. Any ideas? Thanks.

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