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Need some advice my boyfriend of a year and 8 months had our first fight stating that he is unable to come up and see me again ( I've been down there the last 2 times we live 77 miles away from each other. I asked why and that he seems to always have some type of excuse on why he can't come and see me anymore. And that I'm not sure if he is telling me the truth or a lie. I ignored his text for 2 days and now he is ignoring mine. I asked if he wants to talk this out I am meant with silence. He is 40 years old still lives with his parents never been on his own and doesn't pay them rent. He shares a room with his 20 year old son ( who doesn't work but plays video games all night. The first 7 years of his sons life they lived in a garage at his parents house with his then wife until she walked out and left both him and her son behind. ( That was 13 years ago) When I found out they were still legally married and no paperwork had ever been filed I took a couple days off work to drive down there take him to the court house to start the divorce. I filled out all the paperwork because he said he didn't want to write so he told me what I needed to put on it and he signed it. He does work for a family owned company but refuses to leave and get a job up here close to me ( I live by myself and own my house). He also has stated if he moves in with me He will clean the house but I have to be his sugar mama and support both him and his son. Also we have not had sex in over a year. I have to beg him to touch me and all I get is a little peck on the lips. When he does come up he brings his laptop watches movies on it and ignores me or sleeps all the time. For example when my cat who was 24 years old died he was there. But when I went outside to see where to bury him I came back inside to ask him to help me he was sound asleep and could not be bothered. As I'm outside crying burying my cat. Need some advise on what to do. I'm very confused by all this. I'm blind when it comes to relationships.

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