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So my husband and I have been together for 4 years. Last Wednesday we got into an argument I didnt feel it was a major. I fell asleep on the couch that evening and woke up to him awake at 4am sulking.. I attempted to talk he explained that he was still upset and didnt want to talk. I eventually squeezed some out of him exchange small apologies I love you ect. He said I promise we will talk tomorrow. I fell back asleep he wakes me at 8 I had court so I started to rush around to get ready. Gave him a hug kiss and I love you while walking out the door at 830am. Within the next hour he picked up my gma to come watch our 2 year old. And left upon me returning home I realized he packed some of things when he left. Okay this is the 4th time he has taken off on me like this in 4 years!!! I text him asking why and how he could do that with absolutely no reply until yesterday. He text saying he is done we wont work ect. Im like okay but why this time?? I get the im not happy spill. So im like okay i refuse to beg you back this time then the flood of paragraphs come in!! Tryin to argue with me... i wont do it. Today is his birthday so i messaged and wished him a happy birthday last night while we were still messaging. First thing he done when he woke today was read it and message me a thank you. I didnt reply. Well everybody is omg are you okay... ect. And this time I can reply yes. Bc ive come to terms with this isnt me & he wont stop leavin when things get tough despite what i do or dont do. I mean 4 times in 4 years this is the 3rd time he done it through a text... he knows how much scaring i have from the fear of being abandoned. Now I love him more than life itself but I cant put myself through that amount of hurt again. Its obvious just the way his messages come across he is still upset.. idk.

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